Our Services Include:

Cleaning Services
Janitorial Services
Property Management

Cafeteria Cleaning
Computer Maintenance
Construction Cleanups (pre & post)
Fabric Walls & Partition Cleaning
Furniture Maintenance
Glass Maintenance
Laundry Cleaning
Maid Service
Metal Maintenance
New Venetian Blinds & Cleaning Supplies
New Draperies and Cleaning
Pest Control
Porter Service
Professional Painting Services
Wood Care

Unique can help you in any situation. Currently, I am in a position requiring specific services for my project and Unique has recommended services and companies. I can always count on Unique to get the job done on the first request and continue to follow through.
– Charles E. L.

Wet FloorGeneral Services

Unique Building Maintenance Services Corp. offers a full range of cleaning services, janitorial services, and property management, utilizing an exceptional staff of cleaning crews and supervisory personnel, well-trained in providing the most reliable, efficient and safest methods in the industry. Unique uses eco-friendly, green-cleaning agents, recycled paper products and microfiber dusting and cleaning cloths, as well as hepa filter vacuums, floor cleaners and other equipment, in order to reduce any harmful environmental impact and maintain a healthy workplace atmosphere.

Special procedures are put into place during flu season to prevent the spread of illness and protect our clients' employees. This involves the use of special EPA-recommended disinfectants in entire office areas and, upon request, the application of touch-point cleaning to include all door handles, light switches, elevator buttons and restroom fixtures, as well as common areas such as conference rooms, cafeterias, break areas, copy rooms and reception areas.

Carpet Care
Spot Clean
Pile Lift
New carpeting and repairs

Floor Care
Machine scrubbing

Kitchen Services
Clean and defrost refrigerator
Clean counters, cabinets, and appliances
Clean stainless steel and vent hoods

Lavatory Maintenance
Odor control
Toilet seat covers and paper supplies

Steam Cleaning
Graffiti removal and protective coating

Stone Restoration
Ceramic wash & seal
Hone, polish, & crystallize marble granite, terrazzo, and travertine

Liners: waste paper bags and large trash bags
Toilet tissue
Paper – fold and rolled towels
Hand soap
Dish washing liquid

Special Services

Every business or organization workplace has an unexpected cleanup or building issue. Unique Building Maintenance Services Corp., backed by its Real Property Administrator (RPA) BOMA certification, and its well-trained and knowledgeable staff, can help you with any cleaning or building request, Unique has the expertise to solve it.

Antique Wood Restoration

Antique Lighting Restoration


Trash Removal
Clean up
Provide containers


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